SparkOne Media's vision is rooted in the desire to create opportunities for new and upcoming talent and produce entertaining, educating, and empowering content. We are an emerging media production company ignited by business partners, Korey "Bishop" Delemar and Ms. Shanta Lana Hereford. After recognizing each other's creative talents and passion for media production, the pair formed SparkOne Media LLC and then set out to find like-minded professionals in the industry whom they could collaborate with and produce their independent projects. 



SparkOne Media currently has several new shows in production featuring some of the industry's most hidden talent. We are always looking to work with passionate professionals who are talented in acting, modeling, film production, project finance, design, hair/makeup, and more to be a part of our Production team.


SparkOne Media is a full-service production company specializing in castings, script writing, video production, editing,  and more on a contractual basis. We provide impeccable service, quality and dependable service that our clients can count on. For more information, visit our "Services" page. 


SparkOne Media LLC was founded in 2017 by businessman Korey "Bishop" Delemar and businesswoman Ms. Shanta Lana Hereford.


SparkOne Media is pleased to offer opportunities to those seeking to work in the media/film industry. Whether an amateur or a Pro, working with SparkOne Media will give you the hands-on experience and exposure you desire to advance your career and enhance your professional portfolio, resume, and network. 

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